Grandparent's Appreciation Day 

Grandparent's Appreciation Day takes place annually in March. This event was created to celebrate grandparents for being such awesome care givers throughout the year. Many of our program participants are being raised by their grandparents. During this time, the students prepare special poems, dance performances, and songs to present. A nice dinner is served and all participants receive special gifts. In the past, special keynotes included Mother Delores Winans, Evangelist Jacky Clarke-Chisholm, Evangelist Ester Smith, and Elder Randell Mitchell to encourgage to the grandparents



Math Pop Up Lab & Parent Math Workshops 

PEEPS is proud to partner with Power Org Math. Through this annually held event, we host a Math Pop Up Lab for elementary and middle school students. The students engage in interactive math games to assist in increasing academic achievement and confidence.  PEEPS also partners with Power Org Math to host "I Love My Kids with Math" Parent Workshop.  This workshop was established to embrace, engage and empower Cody Rouge families through meaningful experiences that lead to improved confidence and successful application of math in academic, personal and workplace scenarios.


Awards & Scholarship Banquet -June 

The Awards & Scholarship Banquet is held annually in June. The program participants are honored for their accomplishments for the school year. Community Service, Academic Achievement, Attendence, Promotion and Graduation are the key areas of recognition. We also provide scholarships for high school graduating seniors. The volunteers of Senior Connect our senior citizen support group are recognized as well for assisting with community events and activities throughout the year. Since 2003, PEEPS has award over $30,000 in scholarship funds to graduating seniors. 

Hats, Scarves, Gloves, & Socks Drive

The Hats, Scarves, Gloves, & Socks Drive is held annually during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Donations are accepeted throughout the year. This service project was established by the PEEPS First Class Ladies. The ladies identified this as a need to impact the lives of young children.

Holiday Celebration December

The Holiday Celebration takes place on the second Saturday in December. This annual event was established to unite the program participants families. During this time, families engage in fun activities such as a photo booth, talent showcase, arts/crafts and more. Dinner is served all youth attended receive Christmas gifts.