People Enriching Empowering People Services (P.E.E.P.S.) is a Detroit non-profit organization that provides mentoring to urban children & youth between the ages of 7 to 18. We are dedicated to building character in children & youth through artistic, athletic, & leadership development. 


The program focuses on the following goals:
• To increase the opportunities for program participants to purse higher education. 
• To increase the number of independent business owners and community leaders through education and training. 
• To develop beneficial relationships to facilitate mentoring and sharing of business ideas and career plans with professional adults locally, nationally and internationally

We partner with various organizations in Detroit to provide the most sufficient programs to the youth we service. We are currently located in the Brightmoor & Cody Rouge Communities which are apart of the Skillman Foundation Good Neighborhood Initiative

• Youth Development
• Academic Development
• Physical Development
• Career & College Planning
• Entrepreneurship
• Financial Literacy
• Art & Cultural Projects
• Mentoring
• Internships
• Drug & Violence Prevention
• Community Service
• Conferences & Events
• Local & National Corporate Tours